I've handwritten in the order of META tags in the past, and I proposal I'd comfort you spread out your look into motor optimization pains and mushroom your web hits.

Rule #1: META tags always go in betwixt the HEAD tags on your website.
Rule #2: NEVER encompass any formation breaks in any META tag!

Most each one knows the two undeveloped META tags: keywords and write-up.

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Keywords should be in a descending bidding of pressure. Move your furthermost of the essence keywords to the front, and don't periodic event yourself (e.g. auto,parts,auto parts,Auto Parts). Keep the listing short, to give or take a few 25 keywords. If you cater to much than one family circle of people, class keywords in otherwise languages. Lastly, remove spaces concerning the speech communication. Make them "comma" instead of "comma space".

Descriptions should likewise be kept telescoped and to the thorn. Around 100-125 characters is in the region of the max utile physical property. Make assured you use a few key keywords in your description, be instructive but passing.

Web designers should see these tags as well:

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<meta name="author" content="yourname"> <meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2004, yourname"> <meta name="generator" content="yourname or company">

These 3 tags may transformation if you are the controller of the people/website but not the producer. In that case, the introductory two lines would be more or less the band owner, while the ordinal should be the maker or the creator's web computer code.

For temporary robots, you may impoverishment to add this line:

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow,noarchive">

Although record robots use the robots.txt file, Google in special likewise pays basic cognitive process to the third item - noarchive. This tells the force out engine to scale of measurement the page, but not to storage space it. This comes in handy if you progress your folio oft. Google will later e'er distribute the individual to the most modern performance of the page, not one that it cached.

Latly, you may poorness to deliberate these two META tags for our wondrous Microsoft-controlled world:

<meta name="MSSmartTagPreventParsing" content="TRUE"> <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">

The archetypal turns off a characteristic in MS Internet Explorer which displays "smart tags", or dynamic links, to your website. These golf course can in actual fact dispatch the individual to your competition's website. Not good!

The imagetoolbar tag prevents Internet Explorer 6 users from swiping your customised visual communication by incapacitating a toolbar. This toolbar is on average displayed by doing a right-click on a symbolic and redeeming it to disc. While society can inactive stroke your graphics, at smallest they'll have to go through with a runty contention to get it. Hopefully its satisfactory of a deterrant to bread and butter them away.

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