The period was set. It was the 75th day of remembrance of the Steelers franchise and copious of the heroes from the late were on paw to scrutinize. On mitt were Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Green, Jack Ham, John Stallworth, Rocky Blier & more. Even Bill Cowher returned to Heinz Field to exult on a dark when the abhorrent Ravens came to town. The Steelers were 5-2 near the Ravens and Cleveland staying 1-step aft in the arm.

The Steelers got the bubble original and it Willie Parker's oldest run was for 1-yard. The Ravens squad has always been chewy against the run and I figured it was going to be a brawl for Parker. Ben hit Ward for a nice 15 patio endorse play that resulted in a 1st feathers. The Ravens starting corners were still due to injuries so the impermanent halting was going to be the key. During the 1st series it was raining so challenging that I content the hobby was beingness vie in Florida. The Ravens defence held and the Steelers were 3 and out. I was really hoping that the Steelers would set the delivery by driving lint on their maiden string and grading a score.

The Steelers punt the game equipment distant and it sails into the endzone for a touchback. Steve McNair and the Ravens kick off from the 20 linear unit dash. The Ravens try and open up a moving spectator sport by moving W.McGahee and L.McClain on 1st and 2nd downs for a inclusive of 4 yards. The Ravens are competent to get a 1st feathers next to a go by from Mcnair to Q.Sypniewski. The Ravens have a warm set of downs and on 1st lint Mcnair throws and uncomplete endorse to D.Mason. On 2nd down W.McGahee is stopped for a -3 loss by T.Polamalu.

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It's now 3rd and 13 and thing is in the order of to go on that will set the lowness for the residue of the halting. McNair takes the catch in the firearm and the the guy who replaced Joey Porter, James Harrison forces McNair to feel for the game equipment that is as well healed by James Harrison. I have to adjudge that I am big fan of Joey Porter and I was acrophobic that losing him intended that the Steelers would mislay several of the meanness and stamina that we have come with to be hopeful of. Millions of football fans were roughly to perceiver the upcoming out party for James Harrison who would terrorise the Ravens conduct all darkness overnight.

Points on turnovers are massive and the Steelers had to chalk up present. They had the orb on the Ravens 20 yard formation and the rainfall had subsided. Once over again the Ravens D was stalwart and the Steelers were move into a 3rd low situation. My surmisal that the Steelers would activity a brief go past to decision making up the 3 yards requisite for a 1st downstairs. Ben took the bang lower than center and born rear legs to overhaul. The Ravens pass by rush forward was upcoming and Ben threw the orb to Heath Miller in the endzone for a touchdown! Ben got hit after he threw the slip away and T.Suggs was titled for roughing the walker. That's what I am talking roughly speaking. Going for touchdowns and not parcel of land goals in the red zone! Steelers 7 Ravens 0.

The Ravens get the ball and the Steelers Defense forces them to 3 and out. The Steelers get the game equipment subsidise and I am to the full expecting them to march past fur the tract and gain again. The Steelers are unnatural into a 3rd and 2 and Ben throws an partial surpass to Nate Washington. I musing the Steelers should have understood ascendancy of the wet pen and run Davenport up the gut on 3rd trailing.

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The Steelers irish pound the game equipment and their are counteractive penalties which designed a a second go of 4th lint. Sepulveda punts the bubble to the dicey Ed Reed who comedian the game equipment at the Ravens 32 patio vein. Ed Reed starts his flood back and runs into a mack lorry in the constitute of James Harrison. James Harrison roughly grabs Reed in the air and thing slams him onto the ground and in the route the game equipment pops out and is scooped up by the Steeler's Timmons who returns the boner to the Ravens 28. ESPN replayed the organic structure sweep by Harrison various contemporary world on TV and it was a state of affairs of aesthetic. At this point, James Harrison had 2 inhibited fumbles,1 fumble about recovery, 1 sack, and national baptize acknowledgment. Harrison was musical performance resembling a hold brute that had been tasered and let floppy on the Ravens!

James Harrsion set the Steelers up nicely beside his move fumble about and they had to rating few points. 4 the stage later Ben had the Steelers in 1st and 10 at the Ravens 18 with 2:30 left-handed in the 1st fourth part. Big Ben afterwards hits Santonio Holmes for a 15 yard score intervene to sort it 14-0 halting.

The instant day Steelers were swing on a nice concert for the Monday Night Football addressees and devising Bradshaw and the balance of the previous players snotty on this historic period of time. The 1st fourth part ends beside the Steelers victorious 14-0.

The 2nd quarter proves to be as titillating as the 1st with 3 Ben Roethlisberger score passes. The 1st was a 30 yard elapse gambol to Nate Washington, the 2nd was a 35 yarder to Santonio Holmes, & the 3rd was a 7 yard ratify dramatic composition to Nate Washington. The Ravens were competent to get on the sign near a 33 yard McGahee TD run. James Harrison continues his one man wrecking crew when he intercepts McNair on a go past conscious for Williams.

The 1st fractional over with the Steelers champion 35-7. Big Ben became lone the 3rd Steeler player in NFL ancient times to have down 5 score in a crippled. The some other players to have down 5 td passes in a single-handed unfit were Terry Bradshaw and Mark Malone. Big Ben looked gleaming during the early partly beside straight passes and intense scrambling away from the overrun rush forward. The running game was not near and Ben picked up the lax and carried the discourtesy on his arm. The defending team was musical performance as expected object for the Monster dramatic work of James Harrison.

The 2nd partially was not almost as dynamic as the 1st but the Steelers were up by 28 points and the Ravens could not get holding started. The Steelers were able to pad their stats in the 3rd fourth beside a 22 patio field mental object by Jeff Reed. The 3rd one-fourth as well saw Big Ben get angry on a 3rd and 7 production when he involute out and was hit after hit Santonio Holmes for a 45 yard overhaul performance. Ben was trailing for a few report and he looked to be in quite a few strain when he walked to the line. It was subsequent single-minded that he suffered a hip pointer inability when he hit the sod vexed. James Harrsion too cushioned his undreamt of stats by registering different poke on McNair. The Ravens could not put any points on the floorboard in the 3rd one-fourth.

Ben came fund in the 4th fourth part but he did not see much dealing. Charlie Batch replaced Ben and he was intercepted by Ed Reed. You can't deuced Batch because the broke guy has not seen any musical performance example in ages. The Raven in the end replace McNair with Boller who could not convey the bubble either. The Steelers win big by a mark of 38-7!

James Harrison becomes the 1st participant since 1982 to have 2 controlled fumbles, 1 blunder recovery, 1 interception, 3.5 sacks, and 10 tackles. James Harrison was a fauna on this period and lets confidence tonight was one and only a sample of what's to come up. It was awing seeing Bill Cowher and all the Steeler heroes from the erstwhile celebrating such a very good accomplishment on this 75th day of our cherished Pittsburgh Steelers.

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