Bamburi Beach- Kenya Africa

The adjacent coast line northernmost is Bamburi, which has measureless hotels, robustious nightclubs and numerous keen restaurants. Offshore is the Mombasa Marine Park which has moving ocean life, tho' it cops any haze from commercial enterprise in the locality. On land, Bamburi is dominated by the Bamburi Cement Company.

The shoreline hotels switch on freshly northward of the intersection linking Links Rd and the primary main road northeast from Mombasa. There is arm of Barclays edge subsequent to light litoral Hotel.

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The most popular city coast is Kenyatta Beach, in any case the dishonourable pirates Disco. Loads of Kenyans come up here, and piece you won't avoid the attentions of the sand boys and hawkers, it's as a matter of course a fun character when it's busy. Glass flat-bottom boats to the water parcel outflow in the region of Kshs 3,000 per yacht (negotiable) for a 2 ½ 60 minutes trip, not plus a parcel fees.

Beach Sights, events & attractions

Founded in the 1950's to formula coral limestone, the concrete Company were a derelict ugliness until the activity of this natty labyrinthine of make-up trails and wildlife sanctuaries at Baobab exploit. It was a considerable undertaking, involving transferral in wads of soil past thing could even be ingrained.

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The key crowd-puller is Haller Park, which includes a wildlife sanctuary, crocodilian reptile farm, aquatic vertebrate farm, and craniate parkland and drive-through giraffa camelopardalis abruptly-pinnate. Giraffes are fed at 11 am and 3pm; hippos at 4pm. You can besides unite regional celebrity Owen, a newborn hippo orphan by the 2004 moving ridge who was brought here to get and hit the head-lines acknowledgment to his unusual friendly relationship beside the park's 100 yr old elephantine turtle.

Also here are the Bamburi Forest Trails, a web of walk-to and cycling trails through with reforested concrete mechanism near a lepidopterous insect pavilion displaying many a shore taxon and a patio to confine the old. North of the principal cement manufacturing works is Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, where on earth herds of ostriches, elands and Oryxes are farmed. Tours here essential be retained in mortgage.

The varied surround of the Baobab Adventure are good signposted from the route north from Mombasa and have marked bus card game.

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Budget and Midrange Beach Hotels

There are no monetary fund choices here at all, but groups in distinctive can breakthrough quite a lot of levelheaded board for a middle-of-the-road rate.

Bamburi Beach resort

This uncluttered littlest complicated has door-to-door right to the shoreline and a result of attractive bamboo-finished hotel apartment and same line of work rooms (with open-air kitchens). There is a pleasant coast frontal bar beside a big ungroomed makuti hair style. Prices of billet in Mombasa Bamburi coast hotel are from US$ 20-90

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach


While the suite are firmly liveable, the underscore of this slim German closely-held organisation is the big thatched lobby building (mains Kshs 420-700), which resembles a mouldy campaign lodge overloaded beside a cosmic job lot of Africana. The geological formation is 100m beyond the compound. Prices of boarding house in Mombasa Fontana coast resort hotel are from d low period of time/high time period. Kshs 2,500/3,000

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Camper's Haven and Jamboree

A whacking somewhat jarring inhabitation broken on the sand. The cardinal personality tents are Ksh1500; liberty prices involve breakfast in low period of time and fractional commission in illustrious time period. If you're curious where on earth festivity comes into, keep on until the evening-with disco nights Wednesday to Sunday and provincial stars the Utamaduni company musical performance both Sunday afternoon, peace and soundless isn't high on the agenda! Camping fees of bedsit in Mombasa camper's haven include, campsites per collapsible shelter Kshs 500,

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

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