Dr. Stephen Hawking is one of our best-known cosmologists, a causal agent who studies the universe and develops theories to develop its assembly. Dr. Hawking suffers from a enfeebling disease, is in a wheel chair, and speaks with a special data processor. You may have seen him on broadcasting at modern world.

Dr. Hawking is an occasion of a man that did not let tough luck subdue him. Despite his illness, he has outlived the prevision of his doctors by geezerhood. He has children and a gentle spouse who cares for him contempt what his conclusion was expected to be. He is agreed and well-regarded inclusive. He should be admired by younker and command up as an sample of a human who did and does very rocky things despite his blue-collar telescoped comings. All of us have shortcomings. All of us can overtake.

When my offspring were boylike I told them to do material possession that were tricky for others. Many general public shy distant from mathematics, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, semipolitical study and new strenuous subjects. When you do problematic things, you restore your propensity to do unmoving more than sticky labor. Why are engineers, scientist, medical doctors, nurses and architects paid more than opposite society. It's because they develop a lesser piece of our people with exceptional skills. Rarity has ever rewarded off. That is why gilded and diamonds are cost more than cast-iron and coal.

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So what happened to my brood. My first son is a neurosurgeon, extremity surgeon, and neurologist, my second son, a performing artist and juggler in his lean time, is a medical specialty anesthesiologist, my girl wedded a internal organ anaesthetist and is a white-collar image artist, my ordinal son, who has 13 children present in my town (9 adopted), is a veterinarian, and my youngest son, who has triplets, is an lawyer. All of my offspring have metrical aptitude and auditory communication is a major component part of their lives and the lives of their brood.

One situation that some younker don't cognize is that associates who are not as astute or able are doing things that they themselves could be doing. The inconsistency is herculean labour and hunger. Be close to Dr. Hawking. You can ask Dr. Hawking questions at
[http://www.hawking.org.uk/home/hindex.html] Please be tolerant for an reply to your question.

Would you suchlike a more elaborated account of cosmology? There is a fitting nonfiction at

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I have asked Dr. Hawking for answers to existence questions in the past and I got an statement from his train. I have few more questions for Dr. Hawking but premier we essential investigate the natural object a bit.

Here is the time-line for a Big Bang theory universe:

Too-Big Boom: Energy blows everything apart too rapidly, substance that fashion never flux into stars, everything is misty and wearisome. God takes not-so-deep a breath and tries over again.

Too-Little Boom: Too miniature turd to pop. Not adequate time for stars to style. All is dark. God once more decides to start all over.

Ah, Ha! Just Right!: God gets it appropriate this clip. The world is created from nil everyplace at the self event (that’s what one bough of Dr. Hawking’s personnel told me in an e-mail some eld ago).

As the existence expands, stars silhouette. I regard as achromatic holes may be simply nigh on from “incomplete burning.” (Well what do you anticipate from a stoneware engineer?)

Anyway, black holes comprise at more than a few juncture as stars and galaxies get long-winded and forget that they are thought to be vibrating obscure from all some other.

Stars go supernovae spreading the force that men are ready-made of into the surroundings. Planets method and reap up the idol dust as they do so. A celestial body of honourable the authority scope and step arrangement forms at lately the apposite distance from fitting the permission extent star and Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer, is created in Salt Lake City in January of 1932. The cosmos continues to expand, material possession get colder as even the inheritance radiation of the natural object dissipates (well, it wasn’t sufficient to living us reheat anyhow) everything gets so far obscure that apart from for provincial traffic, entropy wins.

I’m contrite I threw “entropy” in in attendance. Now you will have to publication roughly speaking natural philosophy at

Read active information measure at

Here are the Three Laws of Thermodynamics in simplistic footing if you are a person who likes Texas Hold’em (read my EzineArticles.com article Texas Hold’em is Not a Sport:

First Law: You can’t win.

Second Law: You can’t infringe even.

Third Law (entropy): You aren’t even in the game!

Back to metaphysics.

Here is a homework assignment: Read the nonfictional prose at

Here is an selection from that article:


“That scheme that the 100 cardinal or so galaxies we can now see still our telescopes will zip out of range, one by one. Tens of trillions of geezerhood from now, the Milky Way will be the one and only galaxy we're straight alert of (other in the vicinity galaxies, with the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Andromeda galaxy, will have drifted into, and integrated with, the Milky Way).

“By afterwards the sun will have shrunken to a white dwarf, giving miniature table lamp and even smaller amount heat energy to whatsoever is left of Earth, and entered a long, lingering passing that could end 100 trillion years—or a one thousand present longer than the life has existed to day of the month. The same will ensue to maximum separate stars, though a few will end their lives as red supernovas. Finally, though, all that will be nigh in the life will be black holes, the burned-out coals of stars and the at peace husks of planets. The world will be frosty and dark.

“But that's not the end, according to University of Michigan stargazer Fred Adams. An good judge on the occurrence of the earth and author beside Greg Laughlin of The Five Ages of the Universe (Touchstone Books; 2000), Adams predicts that all this at rest issue will yet unwellness into black holes. By the occurrence the existence is 1 a trillion trillion trillion cardinal a trillion cardinal eld old, the achromatic holes themselves will fall down into soul particles, which will secure slackly to signifier private "atoms" bigger than the scope of today's universe. Eventually, even these will decay, feat a featureless, inestimably hulking cavity. And that will be that—unless, of course, anything unimaginable happening that launched the imaginative Big Bang should recur, and the crowning emancipated repast is served past more than.”

If you publication the article as you were intended to, you cognise that “dark energy” and “dark matter” confound property. Present intelligent is that at hand is lesser or no condition to our existence. Now that is confounding. Here’s why:

The world didn’t subsist until give or take a few 15 a billion time of life ago. We know that because everything we see in the existence seems to be blown away from us that we are on the opencast of a great entity earth. Like two dots on a balloon, if we stroke the balloon until the size has double in length, the spacing of the two dots will have multiple too. Cosmologist do not item in cardinal dimensions as we do. They suchlike to believe in “n” dimensions wherever “n” is any livelong numeral they want it to be. Solid state physicists do this to. They similar to estimate of “momentum space” and “energy space,” and such.

Since I’m a simpleton, I similar to to construe of the world as a rotund anulus. Draw a halo filling a band both having the identical center. I’m speaking give or take a few the outer space between the circles.

So, you can hit a balloon up rainy-day a balloon, can’t you?

Of path you can.

If you can midway the less significant balloon, the scope relating the two balloons is my “spherical halo.”

Okay, so you couldn’t midway the secret toy. Neither could I. Actually, old men have an biological process changeability in their DNA. We can’t smack air into balloons short our dentition flying decussate the area.

So, here are my questions for Dr. Hawking and his train (other cosmologist may bounce in—we will take as read that cosmological forces have not yet point-blank pancaked the macrocosm):

If Galaxy “A” is on one sideways of the toroid and Galaxy “B” is on the opposite side of the toroid on the very length line, can I turn my super-telescope in a circle 180 degrees and see the galaxy from the other than direction?

What if I be a magnet for a straight chain intersectant the toy to the galaxy? Will the galaxy countenance disparate from this position or will bedside light waste to get into a “central unthinkable zone” and waste to fix your eyes on in that direction?

What if I hop into my super-spaceship (For those who read my UFO articles at this is the space rocket owned by Xrytspet© from
Fanton in G10009845788899990766, the FnL7 Time Craft), can I fly in any path from Galaxy “A” and get to Galaxy “B” as endless as I hang about in the toroid of the sphere? (Will my FnL7 Time Craft handle the doughnut and sprout decussate to Galaxy “B” succeeding a diam line? (String view says it can do more able holding.)

Back to the straight creation idea: What does a cosmologist expect when he or she says that the lying face down existence lets him or her see God? Was he obscured by the status backbone in the old days?

Well, that should do it.

Dr. Hawking and you else cosmologist, dispatch me your answers by e-mail:

I impart you!

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.

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